How Long Can a Baby Sleep in a Pack N Play

How Long Can a Baby Sleep in a Pack N Play

Would you like to know more?Please click here:Being able to bestow a wonderful Pack N Play on your baby is one of the sweetest thing you can do for him. Staring at him everytime he sleeps and plays in the Pack N Play is just very rewarding on your part as a a parent. Moreover, watching him as he grows and develops is just as fulfilling is having a new house and lot with a car! No? Anyway, what we are going to discuss this time is about how long your precious little baby can sleep in the Pack N Play and crib mattress Keep tuned!

Pack N Play is advantageous to several mommies especially when they feel like they cannot always accompany their babies. This does not mean abandoning your kid but just having at least a minute rest for time to time. They can always have some momentary break without being uneasy with idea of leaving them for for a while.

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However, when your baby gains weight and becomes bigger in size, the bassinet attached to the Pack N Play might be of no use anymore. Because of that, you must find for another option where your baby can sleep but also feel comfy at the same time. So when should you do this?

Take this considerations:

Weight Limit

This is a case to case basis. There are babies who grow so fast while others do not. Therefore, you must know your baby’s weight so you can measure the period of time he can stay in the bassinet feature. If he weighs 15 lbs (6.8kg), discontinue using it. For the Pack N Play, it is recommended to stop using it when he reaches 30 pounds (14 kg) and 35 inches (89 cm).

Your Baby’s Activities

Another way of determining whether to quit using your Pack N Play or not is to monitor his daily activities. If you notice that he already can pull up, roll over, climb out or get out on his own, then this might be the right time to do it. If possible, you must exert lots of time and effort to have a closer look at it.

Age of your Baby

Your baby’s age can also be a factor for consideration. Now, this can also vary from every situations but generally, babies sleep in the Pack N Play bassinet until 3 months. After that, you can transfer him to the playpen feature for approximately another two years. If your baby is too big for the bassinet, don’t hesitate to put him on the play yard. Always be mindful of this tip!

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Pack N Play Condition

It is also good to consider your Pack N Play’s condition s a factor. There are parents who have had used it for their first son or daughter. Another thing is that, they may have accepted the Pack N Play from a friend, a neighbor or a relative. So, if you notice unnecessary things about the Pack N Play and you think it is not suitable for your baby anymore then, say goodbye to it!

Parents’ Anxiety

This might sound a little unrelated but as a parent, if you worry most of the time regarding your baby’s safety in the Pack N Play, then consider quitting it. You don’t have to stay up very late at night just to watch your baby who’s already asleep. You need not to frequently overthink that SIDS will come to him. Trust your instincts. After all, taking care of your god-given gift should not be so stressful on your part but enjoyable.

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Basically, Pack N Play works as long as your baby is comfortable and within safety guidelines. It is important to carefully read each of the details in the manual so you will be aware of what is good and bad to do. Take full considerations of the list above for your additional guide. Enjoy your day mom!
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