How do We Fold a Fitted Sheet ?

How do We Fold a Fitted Sheet ?


While many people enjoy the convenience of fitted sheets, the process of how to fold one is often a mystery. There is no doubt that folding a fitted sheet is not the same as folding a flat sheet, a reality that often leads to a great deal of frustration for people who like things folded and stored perfectly. The best way to fold a fitted sheet is to make sure the sheet is still warm, use a flat surface, and tuck the fitted corners together.

One important factor that many people overlook is that it is easier to fold a fitted bed sheet while it is still warm. That means removing it from the dryer at precisely the point when the sheet is dry, warm, and not yet beginning to wrinkle a great deal. Alternatively, if you prefer to dry your sheets on a clothesline, run a warm iron over the surface of the sheet and immediately begin the folding process.

You will also find that it is easier to fold a fitted sheet if you have a flat work service, such as the bed or a folding table. One of the mistakes that many novices to fitted sheet folding make is to attempt to fold the sheet without laying the body of the sheet on a flat surface. Since the corners of the sheet aren't flat, and therefore the ends don't extend out as far as the center, trying to fold the sheet neatly without a flat surface is very difficult.

As you begin to fold a fitted sheet, keep in mind that you must tuck the fitted corners into one another as part of the process. Place one hand into one corner, and feed it into the opposite corner of the sheet. For example, feed the bottom right corner into the top right corner so they fit into one another. Repeat the process with the other two corners, then smooth the material as flat as possible. If all goes as planned, you will have a rectangular shape with the pockets of the combined corners facing up and the overlapping fabric lying flat against the folded body of the sheet.

The next step is to fold the two sets of combined corners into one another. This essentially involves repeating the first step. Place your hand into one set of corners and gently insert it into the other combined corners. This will require picking the sheet up from the work surface. However, since the sheet is already folded in half, it will actually be easier to work with than when making the initial folds.

After all four corners are tucked into one another, lay the sheet on the flat surface a second time. Take care to smooth the overlapping sections flat and make sure the general shape is still that of a rectangle. This will prepare you to the final stages that are required to fold a fitted sheet.

Take your flat rectangle and fold it into a square. The overlapping sections should be on the inside of the square, leaving the surface resembling a folded flat bed sheet. From this point, continue to fold the fitted sheet to the proper size for storage in the linen closet. You will notice that once the sheet is placed alongside your flat sheets, it will be difficult to tell one from the other.


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