How Do I Pick A Pillow for Toddler?

How Do I Pick A Pillow for Toddler?

Once your baby enters toddler-hood, you finally get to start tucking them into bed with blankets, stuffed animals, and their very own pillow. What many parents and caregivers don't realize is that once their toddler transitions to a toddler bed, they actually don't need the same full-size pillows that adults use. Instead, they need a toddler size pillow that’s designed with the right proportions for their bed and their body.

A toddler does not have the same proportions as an adult and resting on a regular pillow will place unnecessary strain on the neck and shoulders. Toddler pillows are designed around your baby’s proportions, allowing for a comfortable sleep while providing your little one’s developing body with appropriate support.

The purpose of giving your toddler a pillow to sleep on is to make him more comfortable. While the majority of toddler pillows have been designed to provide optimal support, it is still something to take into consideration.

First of all, a toddler pillow can not be too soft. Soft pillows may feel great, but you need to strike up a delicate balance between comfort and support. If you press down on a pillow and it does not regain its shape then the pillow is too soft and is unsafe for your toddler to use as it poses a suffocation risk. On the flip side if you press down on the pillow and it doesn’t move at all then the pillow may be too hard to provide comfort.

Be mindful that when choosing a pillow that cotton can be regular or organic. Organic cotton lacks the harmful toxins, bleaches, and dyes that ordinarily go along with the cotton manufacturing process. Needless to say, you don’t want your baby breathing in these industrial materials while sleeping. So the pillowcase should better made up with cotton or silk material, and it should be washed frequently as well. Because baby’s metabolism is strong, the head is easy to sweet wet pillow, so that some bacteria or dust may attach to the pillow, which also emit odor and cause skin infectious disease. All of these are bad for baby’s health.

A soft and comfortable pillow or pillowcase is a must have. And the coziness, warmth and comfort of Biloban toddler pillow will make your little one feel safe and relaxed. Biloban toddler pillow is great because it’s also a little flatter than many of the others we’ve featured.
This pillow measures 13 by 18 inches with a thickness that ranges from 1.9 to 2.5 inches. It features an Oeko-TEX certified cotton shell and poly-cluster fiber filling that’s also ideal if you’re concerned about allergies. The flat, fluff and wide enough pillow is that the perfect softness so your little’s head isn’t raising up too high but give them enough of lift.

A great pillow is also safe sleep options of newborn and young children, and makes a world of difference in toddler’s sleep quality. If you’re feeling hesitation about choosing a toddler pillow, choose Biloban as a reference.

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