Guide to get prepared for a new born baby

Guide to get prepared for a new born baby

Adding a new member in your family is such an exciting moment! And it’s natural to let a little anxiety and nerves to kick in, but don’t worry, we got you covered. Being a new mom is never easy, but we can learn how to be better by taking baby steps every single day. Learn what’s good for you and your baby and unlock a new level of your baby prep!


  • Get your home ready for the new baby.

Set up a crib and crib mattress is the first step for your new born baby. The crib mattress need to be firm and make sure there’s no extra space between the mattress and the crib walls. Crib mattress should be clean all the time cause you don’t want any dirt on it, it’s hard to wash so a mattress cover or pad is a must for your crib mattress. Biloban has waterproof mattress cover for all different sizes - you can even get it customized for your baby’s crib.

  • Set up a changing station for your baby.

You might need plenty of storage space for your changing station, like shelves, drawers or baskets. Stock your changing station with diapers, wipes and cream. You can also stock up on some moisturizers to use on the rest of your baby’s body. As for the changing pad, contoured or flat is fine, but you need changing pad covers to prevent the changing pad getting showered by your baby. Biloban changing pad covers are soft, breathable and stretchy, keeps your changing pad in place.

  • You have to make sure your baby’s crib is safe.

Your baby might be chewing the rail while you are not around, so get some crib rail covers are a must for protecting the crib rail against teething. Biloban crib rail covers can easily prevent your baby from chewing the rail while teething. 100% eco-friendly and safe, made from 100% polyester, free of PVC, lead, phthalate or BPA. Now you can go get busy at kitchen and there’s no more worrying about whether your baby’s biting the rail or not.

One more thing, since the baby is coming your way, you might also need to clear out the storage on your phone, so when the new born baby arrives, make sure you have enough room for lots of new videos and photos! Enjoy your motherhood, I’m sure you and your baby will bond so well!

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