Factors To Consider When Purchasing Crib Sheets

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Crib Sheets

Crib sheets are just as important to your baby’s safety as crib mattresses. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of factors to think about when purchasing crib sheets. 

Below are the three main priorities to take into consideration for safe sleeping.


Newborn babies lie on their backs for the majority of the day unless they’re being held. Their bodies easily get hot while lying in their crib, which causes them to sweat a lot. 

Look for sheets made with breathable materials to help keep your little one cool. 

Biloban Baby Bedding not only offers breathable mattresses, but our sheets are also 100 percent breathable. Check out our Beathable, Oragnic Crib Sheets and give your baby a comfortable night’s sleep!


The fit of your baby’s crib sheet is an important part of sleep safety. The sheet should fit tightly around the mattress, and the mattress itself should fit tightly inside the crib. 

Babies tend to move around quite a bit in their cribs. Using a tight-fighting crib sheet leads to less chance of it bunching up and being moved around, which could be dangerous for your baby. 

Because your baby is not yet able to move away if something is pressed against their face, avoid placing any extra fabric in your baby’s crib because it could obstruct their breathing. This includes things like stuffed animals, bumper pads, extra blankets, and pillows. 


The term “hypoallergenic” is used to describe products — specifically cosmetics and fabrics — that contain fewer allergy-producing substances known as allergens. 

While it’s impossible to guarantee that these products will never cause an allergic reaction, they are known to minimize reactions. Because your baby will sleep on their crib sheet for several hours each day, it’s important to give them the most hypoallergenic materials possible. 

At Biloban, we only use hypoallergenic materials in our products. The breathability factor and breathe-thru technology keep humidity and moisture build-up away, eliminating an environment for dust mites to multiply. 

And all of our products can be washed easily, which helps keep dust and allergens at bay.

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