Fabric Crib Rail Covers

Fabric Crib Rail Covers


  • Commonly available
  • Absorbs baby drool
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Fits raised or uneven crib rails and styles


  • You must strictly follow the washing instructions
  • Hides part of the crib from view

The most popular type of crib rail covers is made from fabric. Not only does the fabric protect the crib from your baby’s teeth, but also provides padding, protecting your baby from falls.

Fabric covers feature straps evenly spaced along the length of the cover. These straps secure the crib rail cover to the crib, preventing it from being falling or being pulled off by a curious baby.

The straps can be made from numerous soft materials such as ribbon, fabric ties or even Velcro.

Fabric teething rails come in a variety of different textures and patterns. The wide range of available styles makes it easy to choose a crib rail cover that matches your nursery’s decor.

A fabric crib rail cover will need to be washed fairly frequently. A side effect of your baby chewing on the crib rail cover is an excessive amount of drool.

The drool then gets absorbed into the cover and will start to smell over time. Like crib sheets, having a spare crib rail cover on hand will allow you to alternate when cleaning and drying.


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