Does The Baby's Bed Need Crib Bumper Pads?

Does The Baby's Bed Need Crib Bumper Pads?

The crib bumper pads is required. Because the baby is easy to move when the bumper is in bed, the head can easily meet the four sides of the crib, and the general guardrail of the crib is hollow, and if the handle or the foot is extended, the baby can easily be stuck in the baby's bed when the baby is in disorder.
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What is the function of the crib bumper pads?

1.The crib bumper pads can give the baby good protection, not only keep the baby warm, but also prevent the baby's small head, arms and legs from being bumped by the guardrail of the crib.
2.Many beds are more beautiful, the use of crib bumper pads can play a good role in decorating the crib, so that the crib becomes fresh and lovely.
3.Crib bumper pads can also provide an early environmental education for the baby, the pattern on the bed is the earliest fairy tale world that the baby comes into contact with, and provides the baby with a space full of children's interest, which can promote the development of the baby's brain.
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Is there any dangerous effect on using the crib bumper pads?

The bed needs to be strapped to the crib fence, because it has to be surrounded on all sides, so there are a lot of straps bound. If the tape is not tied up or too long, it may also strangle the baby. Soft or too thick beds can also cause asphyxiation. After all, most of the baby sleep is not very honest, too thick and too soft crib bumper pads, if the baby clings to sleep, there may be asphyxiation. There have been a number of baby asphyxiation in the US market, so be careful when using the crib.
Although the crib bumper pads is dangerous, it does not mean that the crib bumper pads can not be used, such as the use of thin and hard mesh style, after the tape is tied, the extra parts after the knot can be cut short to avoid these problems. And the baby's bed is best placed near the parents' bed, so that you can often see it.

How to choose the crib bumper pads?

Crib bumper pads should generally choose fabric 100% pure cotton, and environmental protection and odorless. But the filling inside does not choose cotton, should not clean, had better choose hot seal cotton, breathe cotton these are easier to clean, crib bumper pads is not too thick, it is best to choose thin and hard, fixed best more firm and short belt, will not be pulled by the baby.
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