Do You Put Sheet On A Bassinet Mattress?

Do You Put Sheet On A Bassinet Mattress?

With how many accidents newborns tend to have while sleeping in their bassinets, you may find yourself wondering whether or not sheets are truly necessary to have on a bassinet. Are they helpful or just an extra step and burden in the cleanup process? 

Yes, sheets or a quality mattress protector are necessary for your baby’s bassinet in almost all cases. Not only do they provide comfort to your little one but they also protect and maintain the quality of their bassinet by keeping the mattress or pad clean. Just make sure the protective layer you purchase follows safe sleep guidelines and protects your baby from any potential hazards. 

As parents, we often worry about all the things that could go wrong with our little ones as they sleep. For bassinets, just as with cribs, it is recommended that only a tight-fitting sheet is used. Fitted sheets are great for use in a bassinet because they offer both comfort and cleanliness.

Similarly, it is recommended that nothing else be placed in the bassinet with your baby. If your bassinet comes with anything extra that could be a safety hazard, please remove it before allowing your baby to sleep in the bassinet.

Last, it is recommended that your baby is in your bedroom with you for at least the first six months of life. If your baby is with you and their sheet comes loose or anything else happens with their bedding, you will be able to correct this problem sooner and avoid any harm to your little one. 

The soft, smooth surface and removable sheet help make accidents like a leaky diaper or spit up easier to clean, and could offer improved sleeping. Purchasing extra fitted sheets is also recommended so you have one at all times, even during laundry days. Make a note of the exact size of your bassinet mattress so you can find fitted sheets that are a perfect fit for the safest use.

Biloban bassinet mattress sheets are made from 100% organic cotton. They’re also incredibly soft,cozy and hypoallergenic. Our sheets are also GOTS certified. This is basically a textile production certification that helps to limit the use of dyes, toxic bleaches, and other chemicals while producing textiles. In addition, our sheets come pre-shrinking process will help to reduce the possibility of your sheets shrinking while in the wash, which allows them to continue fitting snugly around your little one’s mattress. Speaking of fitting perfectly around a mattress, Biloban 100% organic cotton bassinet sheets are designed with an all-round elastic to keep them from sliding around. This ensures that each sheet has a snug fit around the mattress and that no fabric comes loose.

Choosing organic bassinet mattress sheet for your sweet little one helps keep them comfy and safe while they sleep. When shopping for  your baby’s sheets, remember to look for ones that are the right fit, easy to wash, breathable and durable. Biloban 100% organic cotton bassinet mattress sheets are soft to the touch, made with safe organic materials, and provide great airflow. With these sheets, you can rest assure that your little one will stay cozy and comfy all night long!



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