Do You Need Crib Bumper Pads Or Not?

Do You Need Crib Bumper Pads Or Not?

Looking for advice from experienced moms, I've been going back and forth on this trying to decide if we need crib bumper pads or not. Some say they are not safe and risk for SIDS (but what isn't), others say the mesh ones are great, others say they are useless because baby can just stick legs up and over them.

crib bumper pads

First mom:

I used crib bumper pads once my first baby was about 6 months and could roll/squirm around in the crib - as a result of all the moving around she'd ditch her pacifiers over the side of the crib, between the bars. I honestly used the bumpers more to keep her pacifiers in the crib so she could find them (and I wouldn't have to help her in the middle of the night), but she also did get her arms/legs stuck a few times which was sad. But no, for the first 6 months I didn't use anything. 

Second person:

Some are against them, others use them. Totally up to you. They do pose a danger risk for suffocation if they are not fastened properly - this is only really a risk when baby is not strong enough to move its face from danger. They can be useful for babies who get their limbs stuck in the crib. Personally I did use them in my crib but my daughter didn't sleep in there, we co slept. I found it useful cause she would get limbs stuck but she was also strong enough to move her face from danger at that stage. Do what you feel comfortable with. You'll get lots of varying opinions on this topic. 

Third person:

I bought a mesh one to use with my daughter but never ended up needing it. She got her arm stuck in the crib once the entire time she was in there so I never bothered to put them up. She was swaddled (arms in) for her first 4 months then in a sleep sack until she was 18 months (to prevent her from standing in the crib). I say wait and see if you need them at all.

crib bumper pads

Fourth person:

So first time around I was exactly thinking the same thing it's way to risky but as my baby grew he would get his legs stuck and I mean really stuck to the point I was worried he was going to break his ankle or legs so I went and bought some bumpers. When he started to roll he would bang his head super hard on the sides so for multiple reasons I will be using crib bumper pads with the next baby. It's all a personal choice they do have all different kinds like light weight breathable effect so you just have to make your own decision on this one Mama. I think it's great to be proactive and protective of our baby's but sometimes people go a little crazy, l know I was like that my first baby! This time around I'm much more relaxed and laid back.

Fifth person:

We used crib bumper pads for our first when he was really moving around well. Likely around 6 months but I can't remember exactly. With our second I chose not to get the pads but got mesh ones. He slept with his head pressed against the crib bars until we moved him to his big boy bed a couple weeks ago. 

Sixth person:

I have no issues with them. The only bumper related deaths I was able to find were because the mattress was too small for the crib, the baby rolled and got stuck between the bumper and the mattress or the ties on the bumper were too long and were not fastened properly. 
Newborns aren't usually spending a lot of time I their cribs for the bumpers to pose a risk by the time they are moving around in the crib, they usually have the strength to move away or turn their head. They will also cry when they are in distress. 
We also live in an age of video monitors where when baby cries, or isn't, we can take a peek to see what is up. When some of the bumper related deaths were during a time here some parents would ignore the infants cries without checking in. 
As long as you use the bumpers properly, and be a responsible and aware parent, everything will be fine.

These are eight people's opinions, do you use crib bumper pads?

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