Do You know How to Clean a Pack n Play?

Do You know How to Clean a Pack n Play?

If you have a baby, maintaining hygienic conditions by regular and accurate cleaning is a must. You take care of their clothes, beddings, bed sheets and even toys for that matter so that the surroundings of your baby remains clean and without any infections. Have you thought of cleaning the pack and play anytime? You might have cleansed its mattress, but what about the pack and play? Well, it seems weird, but you can and you have to clean the pack and play also for complete hygiene around your baby.

Normal cleansing procedure

Get your mattress and the pack and play equipment and place it into the hot water. Place the mattress and then the pack and paly on top of it to submerge the mattress else it would keep floating on the water and would not soak in. Add detergent, baking powder and also a few spoons of vinegar which acts as a disinfectant and then keep the two soaked in water for about 45 minutes to one hour.

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You can see a drastic change in the color of the water due to absorption of dirt particles on the mattress and the pack and play equipment. Post this you could rinse it under running water and then put it out for drying.

Allow it to dry under sun for almost a day to kill all the possible bacteria. Ensure all the moisture is dried up before you use it again, else even slight moisture could lead to development of the bacteria and fungus.

Chemical cleansing

This is another way of cleaning your pack and plays which uses a chemical cleanser that pulls of all the dirt particles and also acts as a disinfectant. Here you need to consider a few important pointers, like the mattress and the equipment should not be soaked in the cleanser and that too under the sun.

The best way is to wet the pack and play with water, apply the chemical cleanser and then scrub it hard to remove all the stains. Once you are done with that, you can rinse it under the running water and allow it to dry under the sun. That is it! You get a new and clean pack and play for your kid.

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Use of odor remover

There might be chances, when in spite of washing and cleansing the pack and play thoroughly and drying it up completely, you get rid of the stains and the dirt but not the odor of the kid’s poop and urine. In such cases there are various pet odor removers which you can use on pack and play as they are completely safe. They would take away the bad odor of the kid’s poop and leave you with a pleasing fragrance.


We have seen all the ways of cleaning the pack and play and have understood what kind of cleaning is used for what kind of purpose, like stain removal, odor removal or general cleaning. These things are not required in every cleaning if you cleanse your pack and play on a regular basis. If you keep your baby all the time or maximum hours in a day in the pack and play, then the chances of getting it dirty is high. So cleaning it weekly is a necessity else the odor and the dirt would trouble the kid.

If you put your kid only for sleep time may be in the night and afternoons, then cleaning on a biweekly period would be sufficient. If you keep your babies only in the night, then once or sometimes twice in a month would be good for you.


Cleaning with appropriate cleanser especially for baby related items is extremely critical, as along with the cleaning procedure, parents also need to evaluate if there are any negative impacts of the cleanser on the kid. Maintaining hygiene by regular cleaning and keeping your babies away from any of the chemicals or any other harmful element is parent’s utmost concern as young babies are vulnerable to bacteria and other microorganism and are vulnerable to be attacked by them and develop diseases in that age. Evaluate the options and keep your pack and play clean and disease free.
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