Do I Need A Mattress For A Pack N Play?

Do I Need A Mattress For A Pack N Play?

Pack n plays are one of those items that should be every new parent’s must-have list. But sometimes they are not used 100% because there are some issues we may not know about. In this article, we talk some questions about pack n play and their mattresses and how to use them as useful tools for your baby’s care.

Having a pack n play, playard or travel crib around for your baby or toddlers is also handy. Not only will it provide a comfortable bed or secure playard at home, but it can be taken around with you for some napping on the go. 

A pack n play needs to be four things—safe, comfortable, easy to use and portable. However, the standard base supplied with a pack n play is often hard, cold and uncomfortable.

Can I put a mattress into a pack n play? – Yes, a mattress in your pack n play provides a safe place for your baby allowing you to keep an eye on them and catch up on other things. A mattress provides comfort so your baby can have a peaceful night’s rest.

Putting a mattress into your pack n play will make the space comfortable and safe. For busy parents, a pack n play can be such a useful baby item. It gives your baby a safe place to play during the day, while still allowing you to keep an eye on them.

A pack n play, with a comfortable and safe mattress, is also a great sleep space for your baby. It can be moved around the house as you do, or be taken out when on holiday. When you’re considering a mattress, here are some things to consider before buying one.


When it comes to firmness, you want a mattress that isn’t too soft. Contrary to popular belief, soft bedding isn’t ideal for babies as it increases the risk of suffocation. If you are able to, you can test the firmness of the mattress by pressing a finger down on the surface. If it indents easily, it’s too soft for your baby.


To keep your baby cool and dry, and to create a hygienic sleep and play place, you should choose a mattress that has good ventilation. Some mattresses are naturally breathable, while others come with built-in vents on the sides. If you are adding on a mattress protector, make sure that is also breathable and hypoallergenic.


With a little one spending so much time on the mattress, there’s the possibility of diaper leaks, bottle spills or even spit-up. This is why considering maintenance is important. Some mattresses are machine washable and are therefore easy to clean. However, some other mattresses aren’t as easy to clean. To make cleaning the mattress easier, consider getting a waterproof option. Investing in a mattress protector is also a good ideal to avoid all those accidents.

Biloban tri-fold design pack n play mattress may a good choice. This quality mattress won The Prestigious Mom’s Choice Award for Playard Mattress in 2021. Constructed with high-density foam, this mattress has effective airflow and reduces body heart. So, your little one won’t get too hot during nap times or even at night! It also has the perfect balance between soft and firm support. The tri-fold design makes it easy to pack up and carry around when you need to travel. An added advantage is the non-slip backing design which ensures the mattress stays in place. The non-skid gripping dots keep the mat sturdy on the floor if you want to use it as a play mat outside of the pack n play.

So do I need a mattress for pack n play? Of course, you do. A mattress will keep your little one comfortable during play and sleep time. And it’s necessary to find the right one for your baby! Do not hesitate, add it to your must-have list and provide your little one with the comfort they deserve!

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