DIY Crib Rail Covers

DIY Crib Rail Covers

crib rail cover

So apparently, small teething children will chomp down on wooden crib rails like beavers.  I really had no idea until, visiting our dear friends at the end of the summer, I saw the evidence first hand, little teeth marks right through the wood finish.  My friend the mama was thinking about ordering some covers for the crib rails, but I knew we, ok I, could easily make some, and I would get to sew!  In August, after months away from my sewing machine, this seemed like a gift from the universe, plus it would be so useful and cute for friend mama and her little one!  I’m going to share my notes and method, which should work for any crib, below.  This is a fairly quick project, so if you are still looking for a gift for a young family, it could be a good one.


How To Make The DIY Crib Rail Cover

The DIY Crib Rail Cover is easy and inexpensive. It’s made with only a yard or two of fleece and it doesn’t require any sewing or fancy tools. Best of all, it covers the damage made by C1 and keeps C2 from making it worse. There are so many fleece colors you can choose to match your nursery decor. I chose a chocolate brown fleece to blend with my dark crib.


First wash the fabric. Hung it up to dry and it was ready in about an hour.

Then measure the crib and cut three pieces of fleece, one 15''x50'' and two 16''x26''. When you measure add about six inches to the width of the fabric for the ties.

Next fold each piece of fleece "hot dog style" and cut ties three inches long and about an inch wide. If you've ever made a no-sew fleece blanket, this step will be very familiar to you!


Lastly  tie the guard on to the crib. You can double knotted the ties to make sure your baby won't pull it off. End up keeping the rubber guard on the crib and just put the fleece on top of it- double protection!


There you have it! The DIY Crib Rail Cover is a simple and low cost solution to a common problem for parents. The DIY Crib Rail Cover made our crib look as good as new for our second son. At one year old, he is now chewing and drooling all over the crib rail too. Thankfully, the DIY Crib Rail Cover is machine washable. I washed ours in cold water on a delicate cycle and then dried it on low heat to help prevent the fleece from piling.


Our crib is one that will eventually convert into a full-size bed. The chewed-up front rail will become the footboard of the bed. If anyone has a great idea for how to refinish furniture with a veneer, please comment below or send us a link. We’re going to need it!

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