Different Types Of Baby Pillows

Different Types Of Baby Pillows

Anti Flat Head Pillow

One type of baby pillow that many parents seek out is a pillow designed to help prevent flat head syndrome. This can happen when a baby lies with their head in the same position day after day.

Understandably, parents are concerned about their baby developing a flat head!

While you should discuss any concerns with your baby’s pediatrician, flat head syndrome isn’t usually a major problem and often resolves itself with a bit of care.

And the bottom line remains: it simply isn’t safe for your baby to sleep with a baby pillow, no matter what that pillow claims to do.

To safely combat flat head syndrome, increase tummy time, hold your baby when you can, and give them plenty of things to look at so they’re using new muscles and not always in the same position.

Baby Positioner Pillow

A baby positioner pillow keeps your little one on their side while they’re sleeping by supporting them on the right and the left.

So, what’s the deal with these baby pillows? There’s no reason to ever use them.

First of all, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends putting your baby to sleep on their back, not their side, for every sleep — nighttime as well asnaps.

Secondly, even if there was a reason for your baby to sleep on their side, pillows in the crib are still a no-go!

Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow is for both you and your baby!

These circle or u-shaped pillows can help a breastfeeding mother get into a comfortable position to nurse. They’re also great for anyone giving the baby a bottle.

Nursing pillows fit around your waist, providing support for your arms while you feed your little one.

These pillows can be a great help and spare your tired arms and aching back! They can even double as a way to prop your baby up or help them sit when they get to be a few months old.

Just remember that these pillows aren’t meant to go in the crib, nor should your baby sleep near a nursing pillow.

Baby Lounger

A baby lounger is just what it sounds like — a pillow for your baby to lie or sit in while they’re hanging out with you.

This pillow has an indent in the middle and is a great place for your baby to lie down, practice sitting, or have tummy time.

As with the nursing pillow, a baby lounger pillow is beneficial for your little one while they’re awake and spending time with you. But a baby lounger should never go in the crib and your little one should never sleep on it.

Pregnancy Pillow

This pillow has less to do with your little one and more to do with your comfort while they’re inside your belly.

This large body pillow helps pregnant mommies getcomfortable in bed , especially during the third trimester when you’ve got a big belly!

Using a pregnancy pillow might make it a bit easier to get some much-needed shut-eye while you’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of your little bundle of joy.

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