Crib rail covers safety

Crib rail covers safety

While a crib rail cover is perfectly safe when used correctly there are still some safety concerns that need to be addressed.

Don’t buy used crib rail covers

It may seem like common sense but avoid used crib rail covers at all costs. Crib rail covers are designed to be chewed on, collect drool and get covered in grime. A used crib rail cover may be crawling with bacteria or mold.

Crib rail covers are inexpensive to buy or even cheaper again to make yourself, there is simply no reason to turn to a used rail cover.

Wash your new crib cover

Once you have chosen your brand new crib rail cover, it is important that you thoroughly wash the cover before attaching it to your baby’s crib.

This will ensure that any material left over from the manufacturing process or germs from people handling the crib rail cover in-store is completely removed.

Once sanitized, your new crib rail cover is ready to be attached to your baby’s crib.

Make sure the crib rail cover is secure

A properly attached crib rail cover should be difficult for your baby to remove.

A loose crib rail cover not only poses a choking hazard but may also expose sections of the rail for your baby to chew on.

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