These crib rail covers are transparent, so they're barely noticeable, but still equally effective at protecting both your crib bad your baby. You can easily slip the plastic cover over the railing and leave your crib free and open for your friends to admire when they come check out all your cute nursery designs. A downside to this plastic crib rail cover is it's easy on, easy off adherence compared to the fabric covers that tie onto the railing. If your baby is utilizing those baby Einstein videos, he/she may be able to quickly figure out how to pull the cover off. Then you're back to square one! Just some things to consider when picking yours out. Before you make your final purchase, make sure that your crib rail cover fits your crib. Not all of them are made to fit all cribs. And remember, this is your nursery! Whatever you decide will be perfect for your baby!

 If you want to add color to your nursery and keep with your nursery design, then a crib rail cover made of fabric will be best suited for you. Not only is it softer to teethe on, it also provides padding around the hard bars and railings just in case your baby tumbles around. Choosing a crib rail cover made of fabric is also beneficial because it absorbs moisture quicker (teething = lots of drooling!), and it's widely available and easy to clean. You just have to throw it in the washing machine. Most fabric crib rail covers tie to the railing to secure in place with ribbon, Velcro, or fabric ties. The way the crib rail cover attaches to the crib is important because it keeps it in place when your baby starts becoming more active and possibly tugging on it. You don't want it to easily come off.


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