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Choosing The Right Crib Sheet And Size

Selecting the right sheet for your little one’s crib can often be more time consuming and complicated than you’d imagine. With unlimited information and options out there, we know it can be an overwhelming decision. So, we’re here to help simplify the process. We’ve compiled the three most important factors to consider when selecting a crib sheet.

  1. Safety
    Most importantly, choosing the correct sheet impacts your baby’s health and safety. Sheets that don’t fit properly can increase the risk of SIDS in infants under 12 months old. To reduce this risk, make sure you choose a fitted crib sheet that sits snug against the mattress. This helps prevent suffocation and overheating.
  2. Size
    Standard crib sheet size is about 52” long by 28” wide and 5” thick. You’ll want to find a sheet this size to ensure it fits the mattress snuggly, with no excess fabric for tangling.
  3. Style
    Opting for a high-quality sheet is always a good idea. It increases longevity and helps your baby sleep more comfortably. We’d recommend cotton sheets since they’re durable, breathable, natural and comfy. A snug cotton is soft and cozy for your baby, and balances comfort and safety. Biloban’s fitted sheets are 300-thread count cotton and oh-so-soft. Plus they’re machine-washable which any parent knows is an absolute must. At Biloban, we believe nursery items should be as stylish as they are practical, so go ahead take a look at all the lovely options we have to offer.


Biloban Baby Bedding is a manufacturer of baby bedding products. Our aim is to offer super comfortable baby bedding products in affordable price.

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