Choosing A Nap Mat For Your Toddler

Choosing A Nap Mat For Your Toddler

Choosing a nap mat for your toddler will include things like, size, thickness and material.
Our guide will show you important things to consider when purchasing your child's nap mat.

The nap mats in the comparison chart below are all-in-one nap mats. All-in-one nap mats include a padded underside, attached blanket and most come with a pillow or pillow case.

We will focus on:

  1. This is important because many day cares and preschools require a certain thickness. 
  2. The overall size of the nap mat.
  3. Machine Washable.  For easy cleaning at home. 
  4. How it can be stored.
  5. If a pillow is included and if it is removable for easy washing.


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