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Checklist: Baby sleep essentials


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  • Crib
    A safe place for your child to sleep up to age 2 or 3
  • Crib mattress
    Pick one that's firm and fits snugly into the crib
  • Crib bottom sheets (2-3)
    Give your baby a comfortable surface to sleep on
  • Waterproof mattress protector
    Keeps crib mattress dry and odor-free
  • "Wearable blanket" sleeper
    A cozy sleeper that's as warm as a blanket but can't be kicked off
  • Footed sleepers (5)

    Warm, soft, and comfortable baby sleepwear

  • Receiving blankets (4-6)
    Perfect for swaddling, which helps many newborns sleep better

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Nice extras

  • Bassinet and Bassinet Mattress pad
    Keeps your baby conveniently close for nighttime feedings
  • Monitor
    For keeping tabs on your baby from any room in the house
  • Mobile
    Hung over the crib, it's a soothing distraction for a wakeful baby
  • Glider or rocking chair
    Back-and-forth movement is a time-tested way to send your baby to dreamland
  • Swing
    The gentle motion and music puts some babies right to sleep
  • Soothing crib accessories
    Designed to relax your baby with heartbeat sounds, music, vibrations, and more

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  • On cold nights, ease your baby's transition into the crib by pre-warming the sheet with a hot water bottle. Be sure to remove it before putting your baby to bed!
  • Don't be shy about singing your baby to sleep – babies don't mind if you're off-key! Record your voice so your baby can be comforted by it even when you're not around.

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