Buying considerations for Pack n Play sheets

Buying considerations for Pack n Play sheets

Lots of people consider pack n play a must-buy item for baby. It can be referred to as a multifunctional baby gear that is made with all baby needs in mind and could serve you for years to come. Pack n play can be used for resting, napping, or playing. And since it’s only slightly raised from the ground, pack n plays are normally very stable to withstand the tossing and jumping by your toddlers. It’s versatile and can be large enough for your baby to grow in to.

While not necessary, having sheets for your pack and play can come in really handy. Here are some buying considerations for playard sheets.

Size of YOUR pack and play mattress- be sure to check your mattress size and compare it to the dimension of the sheets.It is important to find sheets that fit snugly, but not too snug. 

Elastic corners- not all pack and play sheets have elastic at the corners (like a fitted sheet does). Without the elastic corners, you may find yourself needing to readjust the sheet often.

Softness- just like adult sheets, baby sheets come in a variety of thread counts and fabrics, leaving some more soft than others.

Where to find the sheet that meet all the above features? Just click, Biloban pack n play sheets are here for you.

  • Ultra soft, made from top quality microfiber, jersey cotton and organic cotton
  • Measures 39” X 27” X 3”, with elastic bandage surrounded, perfectly fit for all standard playard mattresses
  • Eco-friendly, produced under stringent environmental standards
  • Comes in with eye-catching patterns makes it a perfect baby gift!

Buy it and make your precious little ones to be as cozy as possible!

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