Best Crib Teething Rail Protector

Best Crib Teething Rail Protector

When you’re buying baby items, a crib rail cover may not top your must-have list. But once your baby starts teething, to ease the pain, she will chew on any hard surface she can reach. The crib rail — the wooden piece that runs along the top — often suffers the brunt of teething. It’s the perfect height and hard enough to provide the pressure she craves. But it also can lead to paint and wood chips in her mouth.


A crib rail cover can go a long way toward protecting both your baby and your crib. These covers are usually fabric and fit over the crib rail so that baby can’t chew directly on the wood. Crib rail covers reduce the risk of your baby choking on wood chips or swallowing potentially toxic paint from the rail. And they preserve the crib for the next baby — or the next generation.


Which crib rail cover will work best for your baby and your crib? Keep reading to learn more. When you’re done, check our recommendations for the best crib rail covers on the market.



Number of sides

When you’re shopping for crib rail covers, you need to decide how many sides need attention. If the crib rests against a wall on one or more sides, your baby will probably have a hard time chewing on those sides. Sides with elevated, sleigh-style rails also may be poor candidates for gnawing. If your child has already started chewing, cover his favorite rails and any others that are the same height and shape. If you’re creating a baby registry, it can’t hurt to add enough to cover all accessible rails.



You’ll also need to think about your crib rail’s measurements. While crib rails are generally the same length, their thickness can vary greatly. If the cover is too small for a thicker rail, the fasteners may not meet and attach securely. Older babies may be able to easily unfasten crib rail covers that are ill-fitting on slender rails. Additionally, crib rail covers that are too small may not adequately protect the wood against aggressive teethers.



Most crib rail covers are tied to the crib or attach with a hook-and-loop closure — the generic term for Velcro. Ties are often more secure, but can be challenging to remove for washing — a must if your baby continues to teethe over the cover. A hook-and-loop closure will be easier for you to remove, but it’s easier for babies to pull off, too. Whichever you choose, check the positioning and height of your crib’s posts to make sure they don’t get in the way.



Most crib rail covers are made from polyester or polyester fabric blends. Polyester is popular for this drooly duty because it dries quickly, unlike cotton. It is, however, a synthetic fabric, and so some parents prefer covers made from natural cotton fibers, preferably organic. Organic cotton rail covers can be found, but they will definitely cost more.


Some crib rail covers are made from plastic and simply snap onto the crib rail. These crib rail covers don’t hide your crib’s appearance, but must be measured carefully to make sure they fit the rails snugly. If they are loose, older babies may learn how to pull them off quickly. These crib rail covers can be wiped and disinfected more easily than fabric crib rails, but they do not absorb saliva.


A few crib rail covers are made from rubber. Rubber is soft enough that your baby may choose to continue chewing, so watch for bite marks or rips in the material. Most rubber crib rail covers are attached using adhesive, so if you take the rail cover off, you’ll need to remove the adhesive as well.



Confirm whether your crib rail cover is safe for both the washing machine and dryer before laundering.


Consider installing your crib rail with the fastening side on the outside if your older baby has figured out how to undo the hook-and-loop closure panels.


Some babies will suck or chew on ties used to attach crib rail covers to the crib. If you select one with these strings, keep an eye on their condition until you learn your baby’s teething habits.


Biloban’s Teething Crib Rail Protector

Material and Size: The front of the cover is 100% polyester.The Back is 100% polyester terry. It is for side crib rail 27.6" X 7.2".

Soft and Beautiful: Made with silky polyester on top. Back with a soft polyester fleece. Applied with the 3D embossing technology, make cover more beautiful under the absolutely safe condition.

Convenient and Consistent: One side of the tether and the other side of the hole. More convenient for you to install and fix. It doesn't fall. Make the product more consistent with crib.

Eco-friendly and Safe: Free of PVC, Lead, Phthalate or BPA. Totally safe to little one. Don't worry be harmful when child chewing the rail while teething.

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