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Bed-wetting: How to protect and clean bedding and sheets

Bed-wetting is a normal part of growing up, but it can wreak havoc on your family's sleep – and your baby pack n play sheets. Being prepared for dealing with a wet bed will help you clean up quickly at night and with a minimum of fuss. Making the situation less stressful will help reduce any embarrassment your child may feel and take some pressure off both of you.

Waterproof mattress protectors and sheets

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waterproof mattress pad is placed over a mattress and under the bottom sheets. You can buy fitted versions, which are secured with an elasticized skirt, or flat ones, which anchor with elastic loops on each corner.We have the best Pack N Play mattress pad

Mattress pads usually have an absorbent fabric layer on top, so they look and feel like a normal mattress cover. Underneath, there is a waterproof layer, usually made from polyurethane. Despite being waterproof, polyurethane is breathable, so it won't make your child hot at night.

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If a waterproof mattress pad gets wet it can go into the washing machine, along with sheets. Thicker, more absorbent pads will take longer to dry.

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A vinyl mattress cover is a cheaper, lightweight option. It encloses the entire mattress and usually has a zipper. If it gets wet, you can simply wipe it clean. Although a vinyl cover is effective at keeping a mattress dry, it can be hot and noisy to sleep on. However, it's good to have one on hand for traveling with child who wets the bed.

How can I clean my child's mattress? 

No matter how hard you try to protect it, it s likely that your child's mattress will get wet occasionally. Do your best to tackle wet patches on the mattress when they happen, rather than leaving them until later. Once urine has soaked through to the middle of the mattress, it's very difficult to neutralize the smell, so sponge it up with a cloth as soon as you can.Urine s lingering smell is the result of acid crystals that form as it dries, so regular household cleaners might not work.

For this specific issue, you may need to buy an enzyme-based cleaner specially formulated for cleaning up urine. It will help with the yellow patches, too. Before cleaning a mattress, think about how much time you have before your child will need to use it again. Unless it's a warm day, and you're able to take the mattress outside to dry, try to avoid getting it too wet. A steam cleaner can be useful for cleaning the surface of the mattress without soaking it. Vacuum the mattress first.

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