Bassinet VS Pack n play which one to pick for a baby?

Bassinet VS Pack n play which one to pick for a baby?

As a first-time parent, you may find yourself often got confused when it comes to buying a new accessory for your baby. What’s it for? How long can my baby use it? When should my baby starting using it?

There’s always a hot debt about Bassinet vs pack n play. Both bassinets and pack n plays are safe sleep options for you baby but each of them stands out slightly differently. Hope you could found what fits your needs best after reading this article.

Bassinets are generally small and will take up a very small space in any room. A bassinet can provide a snug space for a newborn to nap or sleep. And since they are extremely light and easy to carry around you can place your little one to nap in any room in your house no matter where you are or what you are doing.With a bassinet, you can easily monitor your child as you go on and about your daily chores.

How a pack n play can be referred to as a multifunctional baby gear that is made with all baby needs in mind and could serve you for years to come.It can be used for resting, napping, or playing. And since it’s only slightly raised from the ground, pack n plays are normally very stable to withstand the tossing and jumping by your toddlers. Pack n play is also versatile and can be large enough for your baby to grow in to.


Now that you have seen the difference between a bassinet and a pack n play, have you made you mind which one to buy. 

However no matter which one you choose, Biloban is always here to add extra comfort to your baby’s sleep place! Biloban design and produces top quality bassinet and pack n play mattress pad!

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As for pack n play mattress pad/ protector, we have various colors of waterproof playpen mattress protectors that are made from microfiber, cotton and bamboo and will fit snuggly for Graco playard mattress, Mini & Portable pack n play mattress, Square pack n play mattress, Joovy New Room2 and TotBloc Portable playpen mattress.

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