Are You Interested In Crib Bumper Pads?

Are You Interested In Crib Bumper Pads?

What is crib bumper pads?

A crib bumper pads, or a crib liner, is designed to surround the interior sides of baby’s crib to prevent her from slipping her limbs through the slats or banging her head accidentally. But while they’re meant to protect baby, studies show they can actually have the opposite effect.
crib bumper pads

How about crib bumper pads?

As a new mom, your Spidey sense is in overdrive, watchful for anything that could possibly harm your little one. And for a protective parent, those hard wooden crib slats can seem especially suspect. What if baby hits her head? You might be tempted to turn to crib bumper pads as a solution. While they look good and dress up a baby's nursery, advocates against them say that crib bumper pads can be soft and they want the sales banned. 
In the first place, the baby's bed can play the role of wind-proof, the baby's resistance is not strong, the blowing is easy to cool, the bed can effectively shield the baby from four-side wind. Second, the baby will turn over, climb and play a little more. The bed can prevent the baby from falling from the bed. Once again, the baby is more active and dynamic, and the can prevent the baby from damaging the gap of the hand and foot into the bed frame, the baby then plays in the bed, and when the baby rolls, the baby can easily bump to the bed. The bed can reduce or avoid the baby's collision. In the end, the beautiful and lovely pattern on the side of the bed will attract the attention of the baby, and can create a warm rest room for the baby.
crib bumper pads

What is crib bumper pads made of?

Bumpers are made of non-mesh type material, rest directly above the mattress along the length of each of the interior sides of the crib, and are intended to be used until the age that an infant pulls to stand. Our crib bumper pads is made of microfiber polyester. The polyester (PET) microfiber is a synthetic fiber spun by an ester-based polymer chain of each of the links in the macromolecular chain, and the polyester is abbreviated as PET.
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