Are there sheets for pack and plays and are they necessary?

Are there sheets for pack and plays and are they necessary?

Many parents wonder whether or not the sheets are really necessary for the pack and play base.

The truth of the matter is that sheets are completely optional for use in a pack and play. There may be some cases where having sheets for your pack and play is convenient, but they are not a necessity.

Pack and Play’s generally have a waterproof, easy-to-clean padded mat that fits directly into the bottom of the playard. The material is extremely easy to clean, and my own babies have never seemed to notice whether or not there was a sheet on the mattress. The purpose of a sheet, as far as I can tell, is to create an easy-to-clean washable surface that protects a mattress from various spills or accidents. However, since a pack and play mattress is made from easy-to-clean materials, a sheet is not really necessary.

However, there are some instances when having sheets for a pack and play might come in handy.

  • Many hotels use pack and plays when you request a crib for the room. In fact, this happened to my family the last time we visited a Disney Resort. The resort did not, however, provide me with proper sheets for the Pack and Play, so I wound up buying some from a nearby Walmart since we didn’t completely trust the cleanliness of their unit.
  • In the event that your baby is in a used pack and play temporarily. For example, at a baby sitter’s house, or in a shared pack and play at church or daycare. Using sheets for the pack and play makes a lot of sense in cases such as these.
  • The pack and play mattress is water-resistant, but it does require time for drying after it has been cleaned. So, this means that having sheets for the pack and play would be beneficial if you find that you have to wipe up spills or messes often. If your child has acid reflux, for example, he/she may benefit from a few sets of pack and play sheets to keep the mess at a minimum.

Are pack and play sheets safe?

Yes, pack and play sheets are no different in fit or form than regular crib sheets. So, while sheets for the pack n play may not be necessary, they are absolutely safe for use just as your crib sheets would be safe for use. Just be absolutely sure that they are close-fitting and there is no chance that they could be pulled off by your baby. This could lead to a potentially dangerous situation.

In some cases, like the communal pack and play example mentioned above, having a set of sheets to change can actually be safer than not having the sheets. This is because changing the sheets frequently reduces germs or lice spreading between babies.

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