Are satin sheets good for babies?

Are satin sheets good for babies?

Yes! Satin Crib Sheets are Naturally Hypoallergenic and Mold/Mite Resistant. ... they're perfect for your little one's sensitive skin! Want to know more about the fabric, please read on.

In face few things are more luxurious than satin bedding. From the elegant shine and classic beauty of the material to the soft, sumptuous feeling against the skin, satin sheets bring true luxury to the bedroom, transforming the look of a room and facilitating comfort and rest. Incorporating a satin sheet set into your baby's bedroom décor is an easy and economical way to maximize your room’s peaceful atmosphere and comfort potential.

Satin sheets provide a unique tactile sensation with a combination of unusual softness and coolness. Perfect for a warm summer night cool silk satin refreshes skin and does not stick to skin that is overly warm or damp. Instead, it glides over the skin and provides just the right amount of covering without adding heat. However, satin bedding also warms up nicely in cooler weather, making it the perfect choice for bedding from season to season.

And it's also helpful for your baby's hair care journey! Satin sheet provides a smooth surface for the hair strands to slide with ease and without tangling or snagging. You can start with Biloban satin crib sheet, these newly released sheets are on sale right now.

  • 52''L x 28''W x 8’’H, perfectly fit most standard crib mattresses
  • Made from high-quality polyester satin, super soft and silky 
  • Easy Installment, the fully elastic bottom makes secure fit
  • Machine wash available and dry-able

    You can find bedding in the perfect hue to match your nursery decor with a selection of rich and vibrant colors including white, gray, navy and pink. Check out for more product info!

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