Are Crib Bumpers Safe For Your Baby?

Are Crib Bumpers Safe For Your Baby?

As soon as you have a little one, so much of your energy (and money) goes toward keeping them safe. Those instincts kick in quickly! Crib bumpers are one of the baby products on the market that can be confusing.


Are they actually safe for your baby?


If you’re trying to decide if a crib bumper is a necessity in your baby’s nursery, you’re in the right place. We’ll take a look at exactly what crib bumpers are, what they’re meant to accomplish, and whether or not they’re safe for your little one.

What Are Crib Bumpers?

It’s a wild world out there when it comes to all of the baby products on the market! It can be hard to know what’s what, if an item is safe, and what to put on your registry.


Crib bumpers are one of those things you’ve probably seen but might not know much about. So what exactly are they?


Crib bumper pads are pillow-like walls that sit in or attach to the inside of a baby crib and go around the entirety of the crib.


The idea is that they provide a cushion so your baby won’t hit their head on the slats and a protective wall to keep your baby from getting an arm or leg stuck in-between the slats.

What’s The Difference Between Crib Bumpers And Crib Liners?

If you’re confused about the difference between crib bumpers and crib liners, it’s with good reason. They’re very similar.


Bumpers create a barrier that keeps your baby from touching (or getting stuck in) the slats. They usually sit inside the crib or attach to the slats, and they’re more fluffy and pillow-like than crib liners.

Crib liners, on the other hand, are slimmer and made of thin fabric (sometimes mesh) that stands between the mattress and the crib slats. These are usually attached to the outside of the crib with ribbon or string.


Are Crib Bumpers Safe For My Baby?


These contraptions known as crib bumpers seem like a great idea, right? You can’t bear to think of your little one accidentally hitting their head on the slats of the crib or getting one of their tiny legs stuck in the cracks.

However, Some people think baby bumping their head or getting a limb stuck might not be as much of a concern as you think.

Traditional crib bumper do increase the risk of child asphyxiation.New York even stopped selling bumpers.But there is no denying that there are still many places where many parents are willing to buy crib bumper pads.Maybe we need something more breathable crib bumpers, like Biloban's crib bumper.

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