Are crib Bumpers Safe ?

Are crib Bumpers Safe ?

There are endless debates about crib bumpers. For some parents, it is an absolute must, but not for others. As a mother of one baby, I am using a crib bumper. I’m often attracted to the charm of a crib bumper. And I desire to keep my baby comfortable with it. However, from some magazines, we learn that a crib bumper isn’t recommended to use for baby. It’s reported that soft products are a risk for suffocation. In fact, there seems to be various debates about everything about kids, such as swaddle or not, breast feed or bottle and so on. Thus, do moms need to prepare a crib bumper for your kids?

Actually, every parent could make a decision according to their own situation. The crib bumpers are helpful to keep little arms and feet from slipping into the slats of crib. And many manufactures make different bedding. You can choose these which fit best for your lifestyle to improve your life. Here are some great tips for you if you want to use crib bumpers for your kids. Take off the crib bumper in the first year, and then put them back after that. Or you don’t use it at all. It’s just your choice. In addition, before you decide to use a crib bumper, you could make a survey to judge what products are best for your lifestyle. For example, you can choose these crib bumpers whose pieces are removable so that the crib bumper can be also used for convertible cribs. And, you can also choose breathable crib bumpers.

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