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Are Crib Bumper Pads Necessary?

If you’re furnishing your nursery, you’ll probably want to invest in a baby crib. And crib safety will definitely be your first priority. So, let’s talk about crib bumper pads. Are crib bumper pads safe? This video discusses these baby crib protectors and if your family should even worry about investing in them!  Take a look for my views.

crib bumper pads

If you do decide that you like the look of your crib with the crib bumper pads, you’ll only be able to use the bumper for the first five months or so of your child’s life.  Why? Well although bumpers protect your baby from bumping into the hard wood of the crib, likewise it is recommended bumpers be taken out of the crib as soon as your baby can move freely in the crib. Bumpers can actually become suffocation hazards for your baby once they are five months old, if even earlier if your baby is moving freely before that.

Whether or not to invest in a pretty bumper for a few months in a personal decision.  For why I think you can do without the bumper, click through and watch my video. Thanks for watching this video on crib safety and safe sleep for babies, oh and check out these other videos on this topic!

crib bumper pads

I remember babysitting for a little girl who liked to sleep with her head buried under the bumper- definitely not safe. When I was pregnant with my first set of twins all the bumpers I liked were soft and fell after the first wash. My sister spent a fortune on a special bumper with removable covers that were hard foam that never lost shape. They were pretty but with twins who spit up a ton, getting the covers on and off were a royal nightmare. One of my son’s loved cuddling up to the bumper and I was scared of him bumping his head so I left it on. When my son was 10 months old he climbed out of his crib in the middle of the night and I thought we were being robbed when I heard him playing. Out came the crib bumper pads. The nights that followed were filled with screams from bumped heads and arms and legs stuck between the rails. We bought the mesh bumpers but my son’s tore them. Finally we put on crib tents until they moved to beds. When my second set of twins arrived we received 2 new crib sets. The crib bumper pads went it since they looked so pretty but changing the sheets were such a headache that we ditched those as well. My new little guy just outgrew his bassinet and HATES his crib. I guess he’s used to the nice cuddly bassinet with padding all around. I have no interest in dealing with bumpers again but Pure Safety Liners sound like a great solution, providing pretty and cozy protection that’s easy to clean and safe!

My son has turned 7 months and is now too long for his crib horizontally. When he turns in the night, he is woken up as he bumps his head on the rails. Recently I put crib bumper pads back on his crib. This seems to help the sleep issue, but he is inclined to grab and pull at them which makes me a little uncomfortable. I have found the solution to this problem...pure safety vertical liners! They are individual crib rung padding that zipper down and fit snug on each bar. This allows good air flow and protection.

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