Are Changing Pad Liners Necessary?

Are Changing Pad Liners Necessary?

You already have a changing pad. So why would you want a cover and a liner? Do all moms use them?

Covers and liners aren’t essential, but they are a good idea.

Why They Are Useful

The cover and the liner serve a different purpose than the pad does. The pad is meant to keep your baby cushioned during diaper changes

and protect your belongings from pee and poop that makes its way out of the diaper.

But what protects the changing pad itself? Depending upon what kind of material you get and if there are any indented designs on the pad, your changing pad can poop stains. That’s where liners and covers come in.

They both will also help soak up any pee that starts spouting after you take your baby’s diaper off, leaving you with less cleaning to do. If poop or pee gets on the cover and soaks through to the liner, you siPee won’t be running off the waterproof surface and onto your belongings like it would if you were just using a changing pad.

Another upside to having a cover is that it keeps your baby comfortable. Most changing pads are enclosed with a plastic waterproof layer that can be cold against your baby’s back. If you don’t want to wake them up or make them less comfortable potentially, then a cover is a nice touch.

mply take them off and pop them into the washing machine.

How to Choose the Best Changing Pad Liner

You don’t need to weigh up a bunch of pros and cons when you’re buying covers and liners. There are really just four simple things to consider.

The Best Changing Pad Liners of 2021

Changing pad covers don’t seem like such a big deal until you have to survive one of those bleary-eyed, 2 am diaper changes in the dark, and suddenly wonder why your shirt feels wet. A big part of childcare is simply keeping the mess at bay, and the right cover or liner will really come through for you when it matters. Here are our top picks for 2021:

This changing pad liner can be wiped off when poop or pee gets on it, and then it’ll be as good as new. You don’t need to wash it in the machine to take care of accidents, and that’s great news for busy moms who don’t have the time to do extra laundry.

While the sides of the liner are soft, the middle is the tough, wipeable part. If you do want to give this cover a more thorough cleaning occasionally, you can toss it in the machine on a gentle cycle.



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