A Specially Designed Pack n Play Mattress Pad For Your Baby

A Specially Designed Pack n Play Mattress Pad For Your Baby

If you already have a good Pack n Play , then should you choose a few comfortable and safe pack n play mattress pad for your baby next? There are so many pack n play mattress pad in the market now, are you struggling to choose which one is the best choice?

Are pack n play mattress pad necessary?

Based on my research and experience, definitely yes.

Pack n Plays typically come with a hard thin pad (typically only around 1” thick) at the bottom. It almost looks and feels like a cardboard. That certainly do not look like the most comfortable setup for sleeping.

Pack N Play mats are usually vinyl. It has a sticky and plastic feeling, which could be uncomfortable for your little one to nap in. Moreover, babies’ skin tend to be rather sensitive.

You’d want to cover it with a nice soft fabric so that your little one can fall asleep comfortably.

The vinyl material is waterproof and easy to wipe clean. However, there are still times when you will appreciate an extra barrier to keep the mattress clean or at least to make clean-up easier. Just imagine if your baby is suffering from a stomach flu.

While it’s good that the mat at the bottom of the playpen is waterproof, it can also be really annoying at times. For example, when your baby spits up, nothing gets absorbed. Instead his hair or clothes can get really gross and wet.

That’s why having a pack n play mattress pad can help with these messy situations.

Factors to consider when choosing the best pack and play mattress pad:


The dimensions of most pack N Plays are relatively standard, but some may be a little different. Do check that the pack n play mattress pad’s dimensions match that of your playpen pad as you would want a good snug fit.
Some fabrics are stretchy enough to fit most pack n plays, but you don’t want them to be too stretchy such that they are loose and unsafe on smaller pack and plays. You also don’t want the pack n play mattress pad to be too tight as that would cause the playard pad to bunch up in the center and not stay flat.

Comfort and Softness

Just like our own bedsheets, the pack n play mattress pad come in different material and thread counts.


Common fabric materials for most pack n play mattress pad include cotton/polyester blends or cotton. If your baby has skin allergies, do remember to check the labels to ensure that it is 100% cotton.


The price of most pack n play mattress pad is in the range of $8-20 each. Organic cotton sheets are typically at the higher end of this price range.


pack n play mattress pad

Biloban Waterproof Pack N Play Mattress Pad - Premium Bamboo, Smooth & Soft:

Featuring 100% bamboo sleep surface and filled with soft polyester fiber. The most important thing is that its material can prevent mites and protect baby's soft skin. I think it is a good choice.

  • Prevent mites
  • Made from bamboo and soft polyester fiber
  • Stay soft after you wash



pack n play mattress pad

Biloban Waterproof Organic Mattress Protector for Pack N Play - Premium Tencel:

Natural fiber & eco friendly tencel pack n play protector is healthy for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Its most outstanding place is to use Soft & Lenzing Tencel  to regard as material as material, the quality of a material is soft close skin, won't because the friction when sleeping bring harm to your baby.

  • Soft to skin
  • Wash durable and easycare
  • Made from tencel

pack n play mattress pad

Biloban Pack N Play Mattress Pad/Protector, Premium Cotton:

Featuring a hypoallergenic 100% cotton sleep surface and filled with soft polyester fiber. Designed to provide advanced relief for allergy and asthma sufferers, and your baby’s sensitive skin.The most prominent feature of this removal is that it has good air permeability

  • Made from cotton
  • It has good air permeability
  • Hypoallergenic,suitable for sensitive skin baby

pack n play mattress pad

Biloban Waterproof Pack N Play Mattress Cover - Ultra Soft Microfiber:

Featuring a hypoallergenic 100% soft micropeach sleep surface and filled with soft polyester fiber. Of course, you can also choose from pink and gray, and the outstanding feature is the super soft fabric.

  • Ultra soft and hypoallergenic
  • Come in several cute colors
  • Made from ultra soft microfiber

pack n play mattress pad

Biloban Square Pack N Play Mattress Pad:

Perfectly fit for all standard square playard mattresses(36" x 36")

As a mother, you know better which pack n play mattress pad will be best for your baby. Choose after reading each and every information it is important to make the right decision. 

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