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8 simple steps to make fitted sheets

Simple 8 Steps To Make Fitted Crib Sheet

  1. Make Arrangement of Cloths: Spread the pre-wash fabric on a flat surface and cut the fabric to size. If the measurement is the same as the cloth example, 45 inches wide, you do not have to cut the width, since the width is a perfect size. Use the measuring tape and cut straight across. You now have a piece of cloth with the measurement 69 inches by 44 or 45 inches.
  2. Cutting Corners- On each corner of your fabric, measure 8-inch squares with your measuring tape.
  3. Sewing Corner seams- Stich a corner seam on fabric with a sewing machine. Ensure the sheeting material is right sides out, now fold one cut corner over and onto itself. The two raw edges you cut a while ago should be lining up together. Stitch approximately a ¼ seam along the cut edges. Trim of 1/8 of the sewn edge carefully. There is another way to stitch the material (in case you are confused) but, you should trust me on this one! The result will be perfect.
  4. Corner Seams continued- Stitch the corner seams on the wrong side out. Then turn the fabric over so that the wrong side is still outside. The seams should be on the inside, worthy of mention is this may be wrong to you, but please follow through until the end. You can choose to hot press the seams down into its place. Again, with the wrong sides out, you will stitch a quarter inch seam along the outside of the first seam sewn. This stitch is called the French seam, where the raw edge of the material encloses within the double seams was stitched. Your crib sheet edge should look neat and tidy now.
  5. French Seams: Stitch all four corners, repeat stitch around 4-5 times on each of the corners.
  6. Sewing Elastic Casing parts- While sewing, fold the raw edge of material over a half-inch all around the sheet material press tightly for the best accuracy. To encase the raw edges, fold another half inches and sew very close to the second fold, this will close the casing up all around the crib fitted sheet.
    Leave at least 2- 4 inches on the casing seam for the elastic to insert and exit.
  7. Step Seven- Insert elastic in the French seams using around 62 inches of the quarter elastic band. On the end of the 62-inch elastic, attach a safety pin and pull the casing all the way around. Sending the elastic through snug will encourage a snug fit, which is most appropriate for babies and, the top sheet will fit perfectly over the fitted sheet.
  8. Step Eight: Stitch the elastic to the material and complete the casing. Fold over the ends of the elastic by two inches. Pull and stitch the elastic over the stitched casing, and close it off with a stitch.

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