3 Tips for baby bedding Every Parent Needs to Know

3 Tips for baby bedding Every Parent Needs to Know

Baby Bedding Advice

In the first days, weeks, and months of life, babies spend a lot of time (we’re talking as much as 17 hours a day!) snoozing. That makes it ultra-important that you outfit their bassinet sheet—and later, their crib—with bedding that’s safe, clean, and comfy. Here’s everything you need to know about baby bedding, including what kind of bedding you need for a bassinet or crib, how to shop for the best baby bedding, and even how many bassinet sheets you need to buy.

Change the sheets once a week. There will be moments when it’s obvious that the sheets need to be cleaned (hello, gnarly blowouts!). But if you’re wondering how often you should wash baby bedding, the answer is about once a week. Even when your baby’s bedding doesn’t have visible stains, it may contain microscopic messes, like dust and dirt that can irritate the skin, or leaks that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Opt for organic cotton, the best material for baby bedding. Another important way to protect your baby’s delicate skin? Choose baby bedding that’s organic. An estimated  a baby’s skin is going to be more susceptible to these chemical residues.

Travel with a fitted sheet in tow. Babies thrive on consistency. When your little one is away from home, you’ll want to keep as many aspects of their sleep routine the same as possible. That means making up the hotel crib with the comfy fitted sheet that they’re used to.


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