3 Safe Sleep Tips for Baby

3 Safe Sleep Tips for Baby

Can I put toys in the crib/play yard/bassinet?

An uncluttered sleeping space is the safest sleeping space for a baby. Again, Bare is Best.

Toys attached to the sides of a crib should be securely attached to a single side. Make sure the toy does not contain any cords or straps that could wrap around a child’s neck. Avoid hanging crib toys with protruding parts that a child can use to pull themselves up and out of the crib or from which small parts might detach.

Don’t fill your baby’s crib, play yard or bassinet with large toys or decorative or nursing pillows, thick blankets or comforters. This is particularly important for children who are 4 months and younger.

I use a bassinet. What should I look for in my bassinet to make sure it’s safe?

CPSC is working on a new bassinet safety rule. Before buying or borrowing a bassinet. Make sure to follow the bassinet’s setup instructions and be sure that all fasteners are secure, including all snaps and Velcro. Use only the mattress supplied by the manufacturer for your specific bassinet and make sure that you assemble the bassinet properly. Improper assembly can lead to baggy or collapsed sides, gaps and openings that are dangerous areas in which babies can get trapped.

Should I use a bumper pad?

Bare is best when placing a baby to sleep in a crib. By creating the toughest crib safety standards in the world and urging parents to keep pillows, quilts, heavy blankets, and sleep positioners out of the crib, CPSC has made great strides to ensure that babies and toddlers have a safe sleep. Agency staff has previously stated that overstuffed bumper pads can be hazardous and staff is currently re-examining the safety of all crib bumpers, in an effort to provide parents with our best advice. We respect the attention that a number of cities and states have given to the safety of bumpers, and we will continue to use the best science and data available to provide parents with advice that they can trust.



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