14 Tips for a Baby Goodnight Sleep

14 Tips for a Baby Goodnight Sleep

The process of sleeping a baby can be a real challenge for parents. I think every parent has one method to make the little one sleep faster and better, but there are a few things recommended be specialists wich guaranteed results over time.

1. Avoid eye contact

The eye contact between you and your baby before falling asleep is one of the most stimulating things for your baby. So avoid eyes contact when you put him to sleep.

2. The bath

Hot water combined with fine massage can relax anyone, especially a baby. Give up bath toys, keep your voice and low activity and give your little one a calm experience during the bath.

3. Sleeping together 

Whether you are for or against sleeping the baby in the same bed or room, studies show that those who sleep with their babies in the same room develop greater self-esteem and less anxiety. For a safe night’s sleep, you can choose to install the bed next to your bed. It is not recommended to share the same bed with the baby.

4. Eating during sleep 

If your baby wakes up at night, the best way to give him a good night’s sleep is to have the bottle prepared.

5. Perfume

Some babies fall asleep better if they feel the smell of natural lavender. But although lavender and other essential oils are known for their relaxing and anti-anxiety benefits, these perfumes are not recommended for children less than 6 months of age.

6. Your voice 

When the baby is born, your voice is already familiar and has a positive effect on it. Speak to them in a calming tone, and so he will feel safe knowing the mother is nearby.

7. Noise 

Do not give your child ‘silent mode’. In the uterus, the baby was used to constant sounds like heartbeats, loud stomachs, etc., so silence could be surprising for him. Some children sleep more easily if the washing machine goes.

8. Kiss him and embrace him 

When your little baby kneels before bedtime, make him feel loved. Mother’s hugs help him sleep better and more deeply.

9. Sing it 

No matter which song you choose, singing is an excellent way to calm a baby. Studies show that when hear you sing, he feels more relaxed.

10. Massage

Infants and young children who enjoy a 15-minute massage before bedtime, fall asleep faster than those who read stories. 

11. Pacifier

When your little one is asleep, take his pacifier out of his mouth to avoid his awakening if that falls.

12. Swing it

Catching is a way for your baby to fall asleep faster and better. Do not do this too often, he can get used to it and I do not think you want that :).

13. Routine 

The sleep time routine can help your baby understand that it’s time to sleep. Choose a ritual and keep the routine. Consistency is the key.

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14. Keeping a comfortable environment

Do not you even sleep better when the temperature is the right one? The same is for babies. Specialists recommend maintaining a temperature of 16-21 ° Celsius in the child’s room. 

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