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Why Crib Bumper Pads Are Not Safe

Baby Safe Crib Bumper Pads are used to supposedly protect newborns from hitting their head on the crib’s slats and from preventing their arms and legs from getting caught between rails. However, many health organizations advise against using the crib bumper pads as a measure to protect your baby, because they are dangerous.

Moreover, the same health agencies do claim there is no evidence crib bumper pads can actually prevent injuries. I take this statement with a grain of salt, since I am yet to find a study that compares the number of injuries in babies that sleep in a crib with bumper pads vs a crib with no bumper pads.

If the baby gets stuck in the crib’s slats, he will either try to remove his arm or leg, or make enough noise to get his parent’s attention. Theoretically, there’s no need for bumper pads.

But what about those of us that stay up all night because our baby rolls over too aggressively, hits his head and starts screaming? What about the mom that found her baby with her face planted firmly into the mattress because she got stuck in the rails and couldn’t move?

According to some parents, 27 babies that died over a period of 20 years (a little over one death per year) due to crib bumper pads is not a notable statistic. A much higher number of babies die every year from choking with food, drowning or common diseases.

Certain babies are very active at night and end up bumping their head on the rails or getting their limbs stuck. Although most of these incidents are minor and not life threatening, it can result in keeping you and your baby up all night. Failing to find a better solution, parents often resort to bumper pads, even though they are aware they’re not the safest.

Parents also use the crib bumper pads for their aesthetics. Let’s be honest, they can really make the crib look cooler and cozier.

There is no ban on bumper pads therefore a lot of stores sell these, usually without taking the time to educate the parents on the dangers of using the





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